Various Product Fixes

Hello TroopTrack Friends,

This morning we fixed a number of problems and added a new feature. Here's the list:

  1. We added the ability to turn off permission slips. Unit types that have standard permission slips (BSA, AHG, GSA) are able to print those slips from TroopTrack (pre-filled). Some units use their own permission slips and requested the ability to turn that off. This is now available in TroopTrack settings.
  2. Upload size was limited to 1MB in a recent infrastructure upgrade. We have removed this limitation.
  3. PayPal checkout buttons disappeared as a result of a recent infrastructure upgrade. They are now back.
  4. PDF generation was also broken for the same reason, but is now fixed.

Thank you for everyone who has notified us about these problems via the community forums. We appreciate all you do.