Bug Fixes & New Survey: Interested in a Unit Store?

Hello TroopTrack users.

Thank you for your continued patronage. We have spent the last few months upgrading infrastructure so that we are always able to provide a secure, reliable place for you to manage your units. You may have heard of the recent sudden collapse of the SoarOL scouting application, so I want to take a moment to tell you we are not at risk of similar problems. Our infrastructure is modern, constantly monitored and updated, and professionally managed. 

We have also spent a lot of timing fixing bugs some of you have experienced. Bugs we have fixed include:

  1. RSVP directly to an event from an invitation without logging in
  2. Improvements to the sitemap generated for your web site
  3. Problems generating calendar feeds for certain customers
  4. Spam report removals are fixed
  5. Reports that sort by patrol name are now fixed
  6. Entering an invalid date while recording individual progress no longer causes the page to crash
  7. Calendar navigation for certain units is fixed
  8. Improve PDF generation reliablity

Over the years I have received a number of inquiries about having a unit store where you can sell shirts, stickers, etc. As we near the end of our current infrastructure upgrade project I am contemplating what to pursue next and a unit store is on my mind. Please take a few moments to complete this short survey and help us understand whether a unit store would be valuable.