Our Goal: Offer an outdoors program that will:
  • Provide responsible fun and adventure
  • Impart skills that will last a lifetime
  • Instill values and knowledge needed to become great leaders

Troop 555
We offer a balanced program with an emphasis on camping, hiking, backpacking, skills training and leadership.  The Triple Nickel is a mid-size troop with between 25 and 35 active scouts.  This size allows scouts to gain leadership skills and enough trained adults to support the troop. 

Troop Meetings
We meet every Tuesday at Saint Wilfrid of York Episcopal Church at 7:00 pm, year round (18631 Chapel Ln., Huntington Beach).  The first Tuesday of the month is a Committee meeting, where adult Committee members meet to conduct Troop business.  All parents are invited to attend Committee meetings.  The 2nd, 3rd, 4th Tuesdays are Troop meetings.  

Every year the Scouts plan the outings for the succeeding year.  Each outing is led by the Scouts and supported by trained adult leaders.

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